We've made it really easy to transition your brokerage to Finmo without massive changes to operations.

Every brokerage across Canada operates slightly differently, but Finmo is flexible enough to handle any scenario.

Here are examples of how different brokerage types are set up:

  • Smaller brokerage working together on all deals: Bob owns a 10 person brokerage called "Bobby B. Mortgage." It consists of a couple sales agents, underwriters, document collectors, and admin assistant. Everyone works under the same brand, share leads, and collaborate on deals together under the Bobby B Mortgage (one firm code).

Solution: Bob would set up one team on Finmo called "Bobby B. Mortgage" and invite all the team members to join. He can also customize the roles and permissions for each person on the team to make sure it's set up the way he wants.

  • Large brokerage made up of single agents and teams: Mike owns a brokerage called "Canadian Mortgage Experts." His brokerage is made up of single agents and teams that each have their own branding or name recognition in the market. He also has a few brokerage level admins who assist on deals across the brokerage.

Solution: One of the teams is led by Jeff Ingram at Ingram Mortgage Group. Jeff would create a unique team on Finmo and invite the team members that help him work deals.

If individual agents exists and operate in CME, they should be set up with their own team on Finmo, and can call their team "Brokerage - First Name" or just "First Name" with a borrower portal URL of brokerage-firstname.mtg-app.com... or firstname.mtg-app.com this will help borrowers know they're in the correct place.

For example, if John Smith is an individual agent in CME working by himself, we recommend him having a team on Finmo called "John Smith" or "CME - John Smith" with a borrower portal URL of johnsmith.mtg-app.com

As different teams and single agents join Finmo, we link them to the brokerage's account. Brokerage owners can create high level "Brokerage admins" that can manage all teams on Finmo (this is a paid feature - contact support for pricing). 

We've put a lot of time into creating a flexible structure that works for any brokerage. 

If you need help figuring out the best way to structure your brokerage on Finmo, chat with us!

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