You can assign as many team members as you wish to a deal.  Simply select the deal you want and click on "Overview".   Scroll down until you see "Deal Details" and click on "Edit Details".

A pop-up menu will appear asking you  "Who will be working on this deal?".  Choose the member(s) from the drop-down menu you wish to add to the deal and click on "Save Changes".  It's as simple as that.

To remove a team member that is assigned to the deal, click the x beside their name.

Deals with no assigned owner

You or whoever is the designated owner of that deal will be notified by email when a client has created an application.  You can also select how an application without a designated team member will be handled.  

  1. Click on Team Settings (gear icon)

  2. Click the Deal tab, at the top of the page

  3. Deal Assignment is where you can select which team member(s) should be assigned to those deals and remove team members.  

Note: If you don't see a team member, make sure that they have been invited to your account and have accepted that invitation.

Notifying all team members when a deal has been received or created.

Finmo allows you to notify team members through a team email when a deal has been received or created.   To do this, You must have a team email entered in your Team Profile.

  1. Click on the Team Settings (gear icon

  2. Go to the Team Settings Tab at the top of the page

  3. In the drop-down, select Team Profile

  4. Scroll down and enter the Team email

  5. Save changes at the bottom of that page

You also want to ensure that your Notifications are turned on in your Deal Settings.

Please click the chat icon in the application should you have questions or email us at

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