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How to search for deals

Finmo has powerful deal searching and filtering options.

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Finding your deals is easy on Finmo.  There are several categories to search by and the intuitive search will pull deals and find what you are looking for within seconds. You can also sort your deals by category to help you find them faster.  To see the article on Sorting and Filtering click here  

Searching for deals 

From the portal, enter the term you'd like to search for.  The search bar will start to populate for you as you begin to type.  You can search by Borrower's name, the deal number that is automatically applied by Finmo when you start a deal, or by the Expert ID.

How to Search by Name

Searching by Expert ID

For more info on how to input the Expert ID into a deal read the How to Match Finmo to Expert's deal ID's .

Searching by Finmo's Deal Number

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