Our story started in late 2016 with 11 mortgage professionals around the country investing into one tool for one common purpose: to build the easiest way for a mortgage professional to offer a digital mortgage experience to their clients. 

Fast forward to today and we now have over 20 mortgage professionals and companies invested in Finmo Financial Technologies Ltd.

Finmo as a product

Finmo is a white-label solution that any mortgage professional or company can start using in 20 minutes to digitally collect applications and documents from their clients. 

But of course we have a bigger vision than this. 

We want to drive efficiency for mortgage professionals by understanding the pain points during each part of the mortgage process. 

The future of mortgages is not digital... it's human... it's relational. The future of mortgages is mortgage professionals using technology to make a clunky process smooth and secure — this is Finmo at its core.

This is why we need your help. Our team thrives on your feedback and invites you to join our early adopters and investors all striving to build Canada's best mortgage technology. 

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