Digital consent is a requirement from each of your borrowers before they can submit their online application to you. To change the agreement they're consenting to, follow the steps below.

  1. In the Finmo portal, click on the handshake icon, then click "Deal Settings".   

  2. Scroll down to "Client Consent".  Choose "Yes" to activate the customized consent form.  

We have a template already written for you in Finmo, but we strongly suggest using the terminology from your own Client Consent or Service Agreement which you can customize to suit your compliance specifications. 

(Mortgage Professionals with French Applications must do this as the Finmo Consent is in English only).

If you do not want to customize OR generate a PDF of a digitally signed consent agreement, select "No".  If you select no, your Borrowers will see the simple default consent message before submitting their Application (but no PDF will be generated).

3.  Scroll down to the "Online consent agreement text" , select and delete the default text, then type or paste in your own consent into the text box.

3. Choose which mortgage professional should countersign the agreement (their name will appear on the signing line).

4. Enter your company's legal operating name and click "Save".  

5. You're done! Once you've followed the steps above, we generate a PDF for you each time a borrower submits an application. The borrower will also have the ability to view this document if they review their application. Digital signatures and a time and date stamp will be applied to this document once the client has agreed.

What the borrower sees

At the end of the online Application the Consent/Service Agreement will appear with a check box giving digital consent. A Borrower cannot submit an Application without checking this field.

When the consent has been checked and the Application submitted you will  receive an email.   

Now you can download a pdf file of the Consent Agreement with a digital signature any time you need it.

Should you have any past deal you want to download the consent pdf for before you turned on "create client consent pdf" and put in your own consent agreement,  it is now possible to get new consent and then download the PDF.   You will have to give control back to the borrower and have them check consent and submit the application again, but once they do that, you can download the consent PDF with a digital signature.

Anytime you need help click the chat icon on your screen or send us an email :)

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