Archiving Deals

Sometimes a deal is simply going nowhere, or you have completed a bunch of deals and pushed to Expert and don't want to see them in your portal every day.  Deals are not deleted in Finmo, just archived.   If you need that deal again, it can be re-opened any time :)

  1.   Click into your deal menu 

  2.   Make sure your menu view is set to the condensed view option.

3.   Find the deal you want to archive and click on"more info +"

This will open up an extended view with more details for the deal you have selected.

4.   Select "Archive" and that deal will disappear from your deal portal.

Re-opening/finding an archived deal

  1.  Click the filter button on your deal portal menu and check "Archived deals"

This will now display any archived deals you have on your deal portal .

2.  Find the deal you want to unarchive and click "More info +".

3.  Select "Unarchive" 

That deal will now re-appear on your deal portal.  

If for any reason you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or click the chat button.

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