Finmo's New Look

We here at Finmo make it a priority to listen to mortgage professional's feedback, whether it be positive or negative.  Our goal is to make Finmo the absolute best tool out there that supports how you do business.  That being said, we listened to what you had to say and have made some awesome changes to the look and feel of Finmo.  Don't worry, all the functionality you know and love are still here, just in different places, for easier more intuitive movement throughout the platform.

What's Changed?

The first thing you will notice when logging back in to Finmo is that the look and feel of the portal has changed.  The previous portal had the menus only on the left side.

We moved the side navigation to the top right to give you more room to manage your deals. Secondly, we added a "team settings" menu item on the left side for easier access, along with a help icon to our help centre. Lastly, we changed the "deals" icon to a handshake, since the "home" icon for deals was becoming confusing when planning future features (is it a home being bought, or does it take me back to home in the app?) 

Bottom line... this change was essential as we build out more features to make Finmo even better.  

Check out these fabulous updates!

Borrower Notification SMS

Now, when a user signs up to your portal, they can enter a phone number which you can use to send sms notification updates. *Keep in mind we only send notifications out to the user with an account on your portal (has an email and password), not to all borrowers on the application.

Email Styling Power Up!

Our emails are now beautifully styled to fit the amazing Finmo design found everywhere else. Make sure your logo is properly loaded in your team settings so it displays on the emails to your clients.

Saved Borrower Updates  

Any time you include a message to a borrower about their documents, we now save the message and show it to you later so you know what you sent and when! 

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • We fixed a bug that caused long document titles to extend beyond the textbox. 
  • Small changes make us happy.  We changed the date picker for due dates on documents (set by the mortgage professional) to a more user friendly date picker to save you time. 
  • And if that wasn't enough we added an email field to the "professionals" section on the application.

Keep the feedback coming.  Happy Finmoing!

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