If you have pushed a deal to Expert but find that you get zero GDS/TDS ratios, double check the employment information for that deal.  If the employment status is set to "previous" instead of "current" the result will be zero, as the income was not considered in the calculation in Expert.

GDS/TDS numbers are different from what was expected

If your GDS/TDS numbers are different from what you were expecting - check on two things 

  1. Please check to see that there are no typing errors in the figures.

  2. Please check that all the appropriate fields that would be used by the system to generate a result have been applied/updated.

  3. Due to a limitation in the Filogix Expert connection, Finmo is unable to push settings you've configured in your GDS / TDS in Finmo such as rental income inclusion / offset. Please double check the qualifying settings in Filogix Expert are the same as they are in Finmo. 


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