As a single agent without an assistant, you'll likely only ever need the "Team Admin" role — which allows you to do anything in Finmo.  When you create a team and sign up on Finmo, you are automatically given the role of "Team Admin".   This allows you to be able to control and set up the logos, smart docs menu and permissions for anyone on your team.  When inviting new team members to join, you can choose what type of permission that person has.  

For example, you may not want your team or assistants to have access to everything in Finmo such as only seeing their own deals. It's easy to give certain members of your team access to certain permissions in Finmo when inviting them to join your team initially, or you can change their permissions at any time by going into that team members profile. Here's how to change a role

In the Team members section of your Team Settings, you can edit each members role.
To access click on the gear icon, select "Team settings" on the top menu, then "Team members".  Once there you will see a list of all members or your team and the various roles assigned to each of them.

We provide you with a few roles out of the box to get started:

  • Team admin - a user with this role can edit team settings, deal settings, and edit all deals within the team

  • Team member - when you invite a user, this is the default role. Team members can edit all deals within the team (but can't see or edit team settings or deal settings).

  • If you uncheck both of these roles - the user on the team will be able to see and edit only the deals assigned to them. This is great for assistants you want to give minimal deal access to.

If you would like to change a team member's role, find their name and click "edit".   Then choose the role you'd like to assign to them.  

Note: if you existed on Finmo before the roles feature was created, your entire team was set to the "Team Admin" permission.

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