Save time with our new push to Filogix Expert improvements

Based on feedback directly from users, we've made the following updates to the "Push to Expert" feature to save you time:

- The "Payoff Type" field in Expert is populated based on the application in Finmo.
- "Contact Method" field in Expert is now defaulted to cell phone.
- "Years in Industry" field in Expert is defaulted to be the same as the "Time at Job" field. It makes logical sense that at a minimum the years in industry will be the time at the job, but of course you can still edit the field after the push to Expert.

We're working to support a few other commonly requested fields in Finmo in the coming weeks for your convenience.

Easily offer home insurance with our redesigned view

We made the flow for home insurance into 3 simples steps so it's easier to invite your borrower and build your portfolio. This feature is only turned on for teams and agents whose company owners have opted in.  

Find out more.

Manage your team's roles and permissions (beta)

- We've released a "Team Admin" role as a simple intro to what will be a more customizable roles and permissions system.
- All existing users on Finmo are marked Team Admin by default.
- Users marked with the Team Admin role currently have one permission: editing team settings.
- If you manage your team and don't want others to be able to see or edit team settings, simply uncheck their Team Admin role on the Team Members page.
- New "invited" members from this point forward will not have the Team Admin role, but you can add it if you'd like.

In the near future, we will be adding more roles with customizable permissions.

Invite borrowers via SMS (text message)

Before you could only send document or application updates via SMS, but now we've added the ability to invite a user via SMS, if you've included their phone number when setting up their profile.

The SMS is sent from a no-reply number and gives the borrower a link to create their account and start their mortgage application.

To add a phone number to a borrower's profile, click "Update Borrower" when in their deal.

A pop up will open with a link that will take you to the borrower's profile which will allow you to add a phone number.

We’re continuing to monitor this SMS beta in preparation for our paid features! It will remain free for the time being, so use it up!

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Logos on the signup and login page are now larger!
  • Increased the font size in a few places to make things more readable.

- We now display the "Contact" widget everywhere in the borrower portal. This shows your teams details and contact details for those assigned to the deal. 

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