Uploading documents into an Application couldn't be easier.  If you have received a document request from your mortgage professional, here's how you upload those requested documents and submit them.

Here's a sample of the email or text you will receive from your mortgage professional.

Simply login to your Application to view which documents have been requested. Click on "Go to Documents".  You will be taken into the Application and shown a list of which documents you're being asked to upload.  You can upload a file in almost any format.  You can even take a picture from your phone.

Keep in mind, you don't have to necessarily upload all of the documents at once if you don't have access to them.  Your mortgage professional will receive a notification and the documents in Finmo as soon as you upload any of them. Each document needs to be uploaded individually so make sure you don't upload one file with multiple documents.  

You can see the status of each document you've submitted to your mortgage professional.  Anything that hasn't been reviewed yet will be yellow and in the "In review" category.  After your mortgage professional reviews the document and checks it off , it will turn green and show up in the "Accepted" category.  

If for some reason the document isn't acceptable your mortgage professional will mark it as "needs attention" and you will get a notification advising you.

The Finmo Team :)

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