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How to complete an application as a borrower

A tutorial for borrowers to help them fill out their mortgage application online.

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If you have received an invitation to fill out an Application from your mortgage professional via email or text, or you have clicked a link on your mortgage professional's website, here's how easy it is to get started!

First click on the link (either in your email, text or on the website) and you will be taken straight into the sign-up page.  



Now all you have to do is create a password and you will instantly be taken into the Application portal.  Click on "Go to Application".  Answer the questions and you will be guided through based on what you select.

Work your way through the various sections adding Borrowers, Income information, Assets etc.

After each segment, you will be asked to "Save" so you can leave the Application and return at any time to complete it.  

Once you have added as much information as you can, go to the "Review" section of the Application.  Review all of your information and make any edits.  Once you are satisfied scroll to the bottom of the page.  There you will see a checkbox.  Make sure you review the Credit Consent Agreement before checking the box.

Once you have agreed to the Credit Consent Agreement, click "Finish and submit application".  Your mortgage professional will get an email telling him you have submitted your Application for review.

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