Get more accurate employer data with our Google Places integration

  • You or your borrower can now search "Business Name" when adding an income source using Google's API. 
  • Once the business name is found and selected, the address and phone number automatically populate. 
  • We've added this data on the push to Expert!

Save steps with our automatic document upload resizing.

Before, if a page was horizontal or extremely large, the PDF conversion would still need a cleanup post download. Now, we take larger images and resize them to a more standard letter document.

Thank you to the users who requested this feature!

New Role and Permissions Added

As we mentioned in our last update, we're continuing to add a few "system" default roles you can select for your team. Eventually, we'll let you customize these, but for now, we've added a "Team Member" role to go alongside our "Team Admin" role. 

  • Team Members can edit all deals on a team.
  • If the Team Admin and Team Member permissions are turned off, the user will only be able to work on deals assigned to them. This is a major milestone for the teams who are wanting more privacy inside of a team. 
  • If you're a Team Admin who does not want a user seeing the Team's deals, simply uncheck all the roles for a user — they will now only see deals assigned to them.
  • If you want more clarity on the permissions for each Role, simply visit the "Roles" tab in your team settings.

The update borrower functionality is now easier than ever to use.

  • We took the popup modal and moved it directly into the interface.
  • You can now send messages faster and view previous communications simpler.

Deal Settings and Team Settings split up to help you manage teams

  • Settings for features that impact a deal are now grouped under "Deal Settings" rather than "Team Settings." We did this because we started having a lot of settings under Team Settings and it was getting very crowded! 

Other Expert fields now supported

  • Occupation dropdown (mortgage professional side only)
  • Industry dropdown (mortgage professional side only)
  • On the application, when you note you have a home to sell before / during your purchase, we now ask how much of the proceeds will be used for Down Payment, and push this to Expert.
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