Single-Agent "Team" on Finmo

As a single-agent, you can have your own "team" on Finmo. 

When signing up, you'll be asked for a "Team Name," but we understand that you may not have a "brand" or team name. 

We suggest using "Brokerage - First Name" or just "First Name" as the team name and for the borrower portal URL use or

For example, if John Smith is an individual agent in CME working by himself, we recommend him having a team on Finmo called "John Smith" or "CME - John Smith" with a borrower portal URL of

The goal is to create a team name and URL that borrowers will recognize as you, and know they're in the right place. 

Medium and Large Teams on Finmo

Finmo is flexible enough to support any type of mortgage teams. Most commonly, we see two types of teams: 

1. Assembly line - This is a team that collaborates on deals with specialized jobs: Sales, Underwriter, Document Collection etc. 

Finmo is critical for teams wanting to collaborate together on deals. Each deal can have multiple members assigned, and the activity feeds within a deal keep track of who does which action. 

2. End-to-end - This is a team that shares branding, but is made up of multiple brokers who take deals from start to finish. 

End-to-end team tip: Consider inviting borrowers using your Signup Referral Link on the "Your Account" page. That way, when the borrower signs up, it's assigned immediately to the correct agent. 

Don't worry, if your team doesn't fit the above models, it will still work on Finmo. Team Admins have the ability to configure roles and permission to adjust who can see which deals among other customizable team settings. 

Bottom line, teams on Finmo share: 

  • Team Settings - branding (logo, name, website), borrower portal URL, roles and permission customizations, and integrations. 
  • Deal Settings - service agreement or client consent customization, custom documents, and settings for deal notifications

If you need additional help brainstorming how to set up your team, chat with us using the chat bubble, or email us at 

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