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Borrower SMS notifications

Get quick answers on commonly asked questions about sending text message updates to borrowers.

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What phone number does the text message to my borrower come from?

We have a Twilio integration which sends the messages from 587-400-7070.

What if the borrower texts the number back?

We have a "NOREPLY" on the bottom of the messages to notify the borrower this SMS is purely a notification, and not a means of communication. If they do text the number, we reply with a message about how this is an automated notification service and to STOP notifications by texting the word "STOP". However, any replies texted back will be forwarded to the agent on the deal by email. The borrower will get a text back stating his message has been forwarded to the mortgage professional by email.

Can the borrower opt-out?

Yes, they can reply STOP at any time to remove themselves from the notifications. As of right now, we don't show you this event has happened in Finmo, but we are working on a solution to show you if a borrower opts-out. 

How many messages can I send a month?

Unlimited (but don't start texting your spouse).

What exactly is texted to my clients?

Here's what we merge into the text message...

{Comments you write in the "Update borrower" or "Invite Borrower" box}
{Your Name}
{Borrower portal URL}

Here is an example of what the borrower will see:

Where can I use SMS notification updates?

  • When inviting the borrower to sign up and complete their application.

  • When updating the borrower about something you need on their application.

  • When updating the borrower about something related to documents.

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