Ah, the age old question! How to embed the Finmo mortgage application unto a website, so visitors can fill out a mortgage form directly.

I've got some good news and some bad news -

The good news is it is possible to embed the Finmo app onto your website, if desired. The bad news is you have to use an older technology known as iFrames to do it (it is the ONLY way to embed a website into another website, there is no other way to do this that exists. This is not a Finmo limitation - it is a web browser technology limitation).

You're probably asking "what are the caveats with using an iFrame to embed my Finmo mortgage application on my website?"

The main issue is that the embedded website (in this case the Finmo mortgage application) loses its "responsiveness" - that means instead of displaying properly for the size of device being used to view it, it can display erratically.

In practice this means if someone visits your website with a cell phone, they will likely not see the mobile version of your Finmo application presented correctly. What they will see is something with strange sizing of text, buttons and spacing that is often hard to navigate on a phone - not an ideal experience for your customer!

In addition to that your client's web sessions may not be stored. That means that they will not be automatically logged in and taken back to where they left off the next time they visit your site if they need to resume filling in the application! This also means if they accidentally refresh the web browser they will be kicked out of the application and have to sign in again.

As a last warning, embedding iFrames into your website can create a security risk for your client's data. Hackers could potentially access data that is being entered, or perform other harmful hacks, if your site has been compromised (further down the page we present another option that does not have security issues).

If you still would like to embed your Finmo mortgage application on your website despite this usability warning, this is the code to do it (you can send this to your website manager or copy and paste it yourself if you do your own website stuff!):

<iframe style="outline:none; border:none; width:100%" src="https://EXAMPLE.mtg-app.com/"></iframe>

Make sure you change that URL in that code to your own URL (whether that be your own personal sign up link, or your team's sign up link, etc) and refresh your webpage to make sure it's all working and you see your logo! If you can't get it to work or need help, just ask us. We'll help you!  

To learn how to find your personal sign-up referral link click here .

To learn how to find your team sign up url click here.

If you're interested in an alternative method that doesn't sacrifice the usability of the Finmo mortgage application, is safe, secure and is almost as convenient, continue on!

Instead of a resorting to embedding the application in your website, you can simply link to your application from your website, via a link that can be text or a button. It will navigate your client away from your website, but the Finmo app still has your branding so the experience will be continuous. In this scenario everything will function properly, including mobile responsiveness (the mortgage application's width height and layout will adjust for the type of device your client is using). For that reason, this is the way we recommend integrating your Finmo application into your website.

Here is how to create a text link to your Finmo mortgage application for your website:

<a href="https://CHANGE-TO-YOUR-TEAM.mtg-app.com/"> Fill out your mortgage application!</a>

Here is how to create a button link that uses an image for your Finmo mortgage application for your website:

<a href="https://CHANGE-TO-YOUR-TEAM.mtg-app.com/" border="0">

Again, make sure you change the HREF to your personal sign-up link or your team link, and for this one you must link to an image on yours server or somewhere on the internet. Message us if you need any help. :) 

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