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How to enable two-factor authentication
How to enable two-factor authentication

2FA, Authy, Google Authenticator

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Finmo takes your data security seriously and give yous the option to turn on two-step authentication for your account. Two-factor authentication is a process that involves two authentication methods performed one after the other to verify that someone requesting access is who they are declaring to be.  When you have two-factor authentication enabled, any attempt to verify your account on Finmo must be accompanied by the six-digit PIN that you created using this feature. 

Important: To set up two-factor authentication you will require a mobile device with a camera. You will also need to download a 2FA app such as Authy or Google Authenticator. In order to log-in to Finmo after enabled you will receive your verification code on your mobile phone.

How to turn on Two-Step Authentication

1. Make sure you have downloaded Authy or Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.

2. Click you photograph or Initials in the bottom corner of the left menu in Finmo

3. Select "Your Account"

4. Scroll down to "Security" click on "Set up two factor authentication"

5. Scan the QR code using your authenticator app on your phone. This should add your Finmo account in the app.

6. Type in the the six digit code provided by your Authenticator app and click on "Confirm two-factor authentication".

Note: Please be aware that once two-factor authentication is enabled you will need to enter the code from the Authenticator app on your phone every time you log-in to Finmo.

How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication

1. Click you photograph or Initials in the bottom corner of the left menu in Finmo

2. Select "Your Account"

3. Scroll down to "Security" and click on "Disable "

Important: Should you lose or change your mobile phone and no longer have access to your authenticator app you must click on the chat bubble to request we disable 2FA for you. You will be asked to provide photo ID to prove you are who you say you are before we will disable.

Should you have questions, click the chat bubble or email us at

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