Often lender's points programs offer to reimburse deal related or marketing related expenses. Finmo is generally accepted to fall under either of those categories.

Lenders who use a points program: MCAP, First National, and Street Capital

Step 1: Calculate a 12 month total for your Finmo Pro costs.

Step 2: Generate a 12 month invoice to attach to your request using a free invoice generator. 

Step 3: Send the following email to your desired lender's BDM (Business Development Manager). Keep in mind your calculator link will only work on a trial. If you're not on a trial, simply replace the link with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18SqjJ-EbRw&feature=share

Hi {BDM Name},

I'm requesting the following invoice be covered by {Lender} for my FINMO Pro account so I can continue to use my affordability calculator for marketing purposes.

Please check out the cool calculator. 

{insert your calculator link}.

I believe it is safe to assume this will help me increase my volume to {Lender}.

I have included the 12 month invoice for Finmo Pro for {$xxxx}. If approved, the cheque can be sent to Finmo at 91 Wildwood dr. SW Calgary, AB T3C 3C6.

Thank you for considering my request,


Step 4: When Finmo receives the cheque, we will credit your account with the correct amount!

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