Finmo is adding some new features today!

Have a look at this video to see what's new:

New features:

  • Permissions - We've made it a lot easier to set permissions for different mortgage professionals / assistants on Finmo. As a team admin, when you invite a new user you now see three clear roles with "checks" and "x's" on what each person can do.
  • Important Dates - We upgraded the dashboard to now show important dates next to your recent activity. Important dates currently shows the Condition of Financing, Closing Date, and Document Collection Due Dates for any deal you're assigned to that's inside the next 30 days.
  • Bug fix - We fixed an annoying bug that caused the mortgage professional to have to use the exact wording when searching for a document. The search functionality has now been restored where you can search any word in the document title to find it.
  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - With the addition of payment processing in Finmo Pro we went ahead and updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for mortgage professionals to cover the Pro billing. You'll find it also now covers a lot of common questions we get about how your data is stored. We use clear transparent language in the new policies to tell you exactly the nature of how Finmo interacts with you and your borrowers. Additionally, as a technology provider we are required by law to have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use with the "end user," the "borrower." We've now added this below the sign up fields on the borrower portal.

Borrower (End User) and Mortgage Professionals Privacy Policy:
Borrower (End User) TOS:
Mortgage Professional TOS: 

Hopefully these new features help you save even more time, and close even more deals!

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