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How to set up common Finmo "zaps" with Zapier
How to set up common Finmo "zaps" with Zapier

We've built "triggers" into Finmo, and when they're activated, they send data to another application of your choice.

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Finmo has 11 triggers available on Zapier to help you automate your mortgage workflow. These triggers will save you time by automating repetitive tasks.

Finmo has an app on that instantly connects your Finmo account with 7,000+ apps and over 830 CRM systems. This helps you automate your work and find productivity superpowers. Here's a guide on how to set up common Zaps using each trigger.

With your client journey or map for how you look after your mortgage clients, you can quickly start to see the opportunities to automate your workflow so that you can get home sooner.

If you do not have a Client Journey document, please copy ours.

Once you have created an account on Zapier, you are ready to start making zaps!

Finmo Triggers with examples of some common 'zaps' you can create.

1. Trigger - New Deal Trigger (Triggers when you or a borrower starts a new application on your team)

  • SMS to Mortgage Professional (Zapier SMS)

  • Create a new Card in Trello (app. received)

  • SMS to Borrower (Twilio)

  • E-Mail Template to Borrower

  • Create Contact in CRM

  • Create Transaction/Deal Record in CRM w/ Available information from Finmo

  • Add New Customer to Mailing List

2. Trigger - New Application Completed (Triggers when a deal is submitted by a borrower)

  • SMS to Mortgage Professional (Zapier SMS)

  • SMS to Borrower (Twilio)  

  • E-Mail Template to Borrower

  • Search Contacts in CRM - Find Transaction/Deal Card

  • Move the Stage of a Deal card or status in CRM to 'Application Completed.'

  • Create a task for the Assigned Mortgage Professional in CRM to Review and Approve the Application.

  • E-Mail to Referral Source (if available in Finmo 'Pro’)

  • Remove Customer from Email Campaign OR Switch the Campaign

3. Trigger - Update Document Request Status (Triggers when there is activity on a document request)

  • SMS to Mortgage Professional (Zapier SMS)

  • Create a Task in CRM for Mortgage Professionals to Review New Documents

(This takes some filters since this one triggers on any document status change, not just when new documents are uploaded)

4. Trigger - Deal Note Created. (Trigger when a new deal note is added to a deal)

  • Finmo Note triggers an email to a teammate to look at the deal. Or 

  • Finmo Note triggers a notification to be put into your CRM

  • Finmo Note triggers a message to be sent to a #channel or send a direct message in Slack1

5. Trigger - Push Application to Expert (Trigger when a team member pushes an application from Finmo to Expert)

  • Move the Trello card from One list on the Customer timeline to another list.

ie: New Deal received in Finmo then pushed to expert for loan preparation. 

The card in Trello will move from ‘App. Received’ to Loan prep list in Trello.

  • Then Zapier will create a Calendar event for you to confirm the completion of underwriting the deal in Expert. The calendar event will repeat until you put into the calendar notes, Submit or Follow-up

  • Do this A: If you put Submitted in the notes of this calendar event, Zapier will move the Client card from ‘Loan Prep’ to ‘Submitted to lender’.

Do this B: If you put Follow-up, the card will remain in Loan prep and have a label added called ‘Follow-up Re: Application.’

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