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How to invite multiple borrowers to a deal
How to invite multiple borrowers to a deal

Most deals have more than one applicant so Finmo allows mortgage professionals to invite multiple borrowers to a deal.

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Most deals have more than one applicant, so Finmo allows mortgage professionals to invite multiple borrowers to a deal.  

  1. Begin by starting the deal by clicking '+New Deal'on your Deal menu. If you already have a deal, please skip these steps and scroll down.

  2. Fill in the first borrower's name and contact info and click "create deal."

  3. You can choose to "invite the borrower" by clicking on the checkbox.

  4. Type a message to the borrower if you'd like and click 'Continue'.

How to invite multiple borrowers

1. Go to the Deal and click on the Application tab

2. Click on 'Add Borrowers' in Quick links

3. Click 'Add an additional borrower'.  

Please note: All borrowers must have their own email to create an account.

4. Fill out their details

5. You can choose to invite this new borrower to fill out the application with the original borrower (Saves Changes & invite borrower), or don't invite and have the primary borrower fill out the application for this person.

Note: If you need a document signed electronically (E-Signing), the contact must be added to the deal but doesn't have to be invited if they don't need to complete an application or upload documents. Click "Add an additional borrower" and enter their details. Anything sent for e-signing, the borrower must have their own email address and sign themself. Do not share/use another person's email address who is on the deal.

How a borrower can invite additional borrowers on their application

The primary borrower can also invite other borrowers to the application within the application itself.  This is what the borrower would see.

What if I've already invited a borrower, and they have submitted the Application?   Can I invite more borrowers?

You can, at any time, go back into the deal and invite another borrower(s).  Scroll down to "Add an additional borrower."   Fill in the contact information and check "Invite the borrower to create an account."  You must also turn on access to the application for them to be able to access it.

Finmo doesn't lock the mortgage professional out of the application until it's submitted by the borrowers, even if the borrower has edit access, so if necessary, you can go in and edit or add to the Application as it's being worked on before submission.

Should you have questions or need help of any kind click the chat bubble in-app or email

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