Finmo is a web based platform - however we are still mobile friendly! You can add Finmo to your home screen by adding a shortcut / bookmark on either Android or IOS. This means you can access Finmo on any platform, whenever and wherever you'd like!  

Adding Finmo to your home screen (IOS)

  1.  Open Safari and type in the browser

  2.  Click on the Share icon . 

3.    Scroll down to "Add to Home Screen

4.   Then choose "Add"

The Finmo icon will now appear on your home screen and you can log in from your phone.

Adding Finmo to your home screen (Android)

  • Open Google Chrome browser (download it from the Google Play Store if you don't have it! It's free!) and and navigate to .

  • Click the "menu" icon.

  • Click "Add to Home screen".

  • You should see a Finmo icon appear on your home screen!

Getting Started on Mobile

Click the menu icon to access your deals, team settings, etc.

A drop-down menu will appear. Simply choose where you want to navigate.

You can also click on the chat button from your mobile should you have any questions or need help. Happy Finmo-ing!

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