Finmo has made it super easy to keep invoices and receipts for your Finmo Pro subscription in one spot and easily accessible. This saves you from having to search your email inbox for receipts for your bookkeeping.

How to download a receipt or invoice in Finmo

  1.   Click the gear icon on the menu to access your "general settings"
  2.   Choose "Billing" on the top right
  3.   Scroll down to "Invoice History"
  4.   Now select "View Invoice" next to the invoice you want to download.   A pop up    will appear showing you the invoice selected .   
  5.  On the invoice that has popped up select "Download as PDF"
  6.  Finally, choose either "Download Invoice" or "Download Receipt"

The pdf will automatically be generated, which you can then save or print as you'd like

Should you have any questions, please click on the chat bubble in app, or email us at  :)

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