Looking for training on Finmo?

Here at Finmo our goal is to make learning and using our platform as painless as possible - that's why we offer free unlimited training. Our free webinar training is an ideal way to become a Finmo power user.

Here are our current training courses:

Finmo 30 minute daily sessions - Become a Finmo Pro

1. How to do a deal 3 different ways

  • Where do I get my application link?
  • Received a referral - send an invite - record a lead.
  • Received a referral - spoke to a client - invited into the application.
  • How to update & invite an existing borrower.

2. Your Account & Team setup

  • Your account settings & notifications
  • Team settings
  • Deal settings

3. Smart Doc's & E-Signing

  • How to activate & configure your smart documents
  • How to create custom documents.
  • Borrower view
  • Auto notifications.
  • E-signing how to broker & client view

4. Referrals and lead generation

  • Affordability example - how to turn calculators on & off plus extend amortization.
  • How to create a referral link & partners.
  • How to view referred deals from partners.
  • Examples of embedding links & posting on social media

5. CRM Connection and integrations

  • Review Finmo Integrations page.
  • Zapier.com introduction.
  • Show an example of a set of ‘Zaps’
  • Share the Client Experience timeline & make it yours.

Full start to finish training

If complete training in one go is your preference, you can book a time here (75-minute session).

It will include account setup, collecting and configuring Smart Documents, automatic reminders, E-signing, Lead Generation, Submit to a lender and more.

Should you have questions, please click the chat bubble in-app or email support@finmo.ca

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