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How to re-invite a borrower to a deal
How to re-invite a borrower to a deal

If a borrower's invite can't be found (and isn't in their junk mail), you can re-invite them to a deal. Invitations expire after seven days.

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If for some reason your borrower has not received the email invitation to start his or her Application (have them check their spam or junk mail first!) you can re-invite them.  Keep in mind that the invitation link will expire after seven days, so if your client has not accepted the invitation in that time frame, they will have to be re-invited with a new link.

How to re-invite a borrower to a deal

  1.   From the deal, click into the "Application"

  2.   Scroll down to the borrower(s) that you want to re-invite and click the "+"

  3.   Here you can choose to re-invite them via email and/or text; or

  4.   You can simply copy the invitation link and send using your own email platform

The customer will receive a new invitation almost immediately.

If the borrower is showing that they have accepted their invite (Active), use Update Borrower instead and send a message. This will give them a fresh link to sign back into their portal.

Email example below.

Should you have any questions or concerns please click the chat button in Finmo or email

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