Finmo is adding some new features today!

Have a look at this video to see what's new:

New Finmo Features:

  • We’ve overhauled the deals list view. It is now switchable from the regular list view to a card view! The updated look also comes with advanced filtering and sorting functionality. The new card view is much more mobile friendly than the table view. With this addition, the entire Finmo platform is now completely mobile friendly.
  • By popular request, the option to enter a Facebook pixel ID has been added to integrations - marketers rejoice! This means that Facebook can track your borrower's actions through the funnel, to help it optimize conversion/event based ad sets. That's marketing jargon for "your Facebook ads will perform a lot better if you enter your Facebook pixel into Finmo".
  • The borrower's name is now shown in the nav bar at the top when you're in a deal. 'Nuff said.
  • Updating a borrower in regards to their document requests now pre-populates the message with a list of outstanding documents automatically.
  • New deal flow re-worked. The UI has been updated when you create a new deal in Finmo from the deals list view. You can additionally now add a custom message to include when you invite a borrower.
  • Finmo now accepts American addresses. Finmo now allows you to select either Canada or United States as the country for living history and business addresses. Finmo now fully supports American addresses.
  • Background colour across all of Finmo is now light grey instead of white. Easier on the eyes!
  • Living history is now mandatory. Applications can no longer be submitted with no living history entered.
  • Fixed a bug where new borrowers could not be invited to an application after the application was submitted to Expert/locked.

Hopefully these new features help you save even more time, and close even more deals!

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