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How to request e-signatures from borrowers
How to request e-signatures from borrowers

Finmo now makes it even easier to automate your workflow with electronic signatures to improve customer experience.

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Finmo now makes it even easier to automate your workflow with electronic signatures to improve customer experience, strengthen compliance, and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes.  This BETA feature is integrated into Finmo Pro and will appear on your dashboard.  

Getting started

  1.  In your deal portal, choose the deal you'd like to send documents for e-signing.

  2.   From inside the deal select "E-signing (BETA)".

  3.   Click on "configure e-signing request".   This will take you to the "e-signing" page.

Uploading documents for E-signing

In the "Documents" section,  upload the document from your files you'd like e-signatures for by either by clicking the "+" sign or by dragging and dropping the document.  You will be directed to upload multiple documents to create a document package.  

Adding fields to your e-signing document

Please note:   Each document must have a signature field in order to access the other field type such as initials or a check box.

Also be aware, that if you have a document that requires multiple borrower's signatures, you will have to select each borrower within the uploaded document and add fields for each.

  1. Select the borrower you want to put in the first signature for.

  2. Click "Signature" and a pop up signature box will appear (each borrower will be assigned a different colour signature box)

  3. Re-size the field box to fit the space you would like signed. 

  4. If it is a real signature (finger signed) that you want select "Capture Signature" in the "Field Settings" or choose "Click to Sign" if you are happy with an e-signature and not an "actual" signature.    This is generally much easier for a client, especially if they are on a mobile device when signing the documents but most lenders prefer a captured (finger signed) signature.

  5. Add in and resize any other fields you require, such as date or borrowers name. 

If you have multiple borrowers and you require their signatures on the same document, go back to "Recipients" once you have completed the first borrowers fields, and choose the next borrower.   Follow steps 1 -5 for each borrower.

Adding a specialty field such as initials into the e-signing document

  1. Select the borrower you want to put in the initials field for.

  2. Click on "Signer Initials"

  3. Place the Initial field box where you'd like it

  4. Re-size

  5. Make sure you put an "Signer Initials" box in every location where they are required.

Repeat these steps for each borrower on the document.

All of your changes to the document are saved automatically for you.  Once you are satisfied you've added in all the fields for each borrower, click on "Send e-signing request"

Status of E-signed Documents, re-sending and downloading
Once you have sent out the documents, you can check on their status in Finmo.   Simply click into the deal you want to see e-signed requests for, choose "E-signing (BETA) to review

This portal is where you can see which documents your requested to be e-signed and who has signed the document or is pending.  From here, you can also re-send any that client's may have missed and download any documents that are complete.  

Any requests and their status will be shown in your deal portal.

Things you should know about e-signing

  • The first time you're creating the signing package you can either create and send it or cancel the whole process and nothing is saved

  • After the package has been sent,  you can edit and resend it, or edit and "save" (when the borrower comes in to sign, they will see the edited version)

  • If a borrower is added to the deal after you have received e-signed documents back, you can add that borrower and re-send the signing package to them.

  • You can add more documents to your signing package and re-send.   Borrowers will only be required to sign the new docs.

Should you need further help please click on the chat bubble in-app or email

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