Let's take a look at what your borrowers will see from their side after you've requested documents for e-signature.   If you need more information about how to do those requests, click below to read more.  

After you have sent your signing package, the borrower(s) will receive an email and/or sms notification that looks like this:  

When the borrower clicks the link, they are immediately taken into the e-signing portal.   They will be directed to the spots where they need to sign, date or initial the document.  Your team branding will appear on the borrower's view.  This is the desktop view of what your borrower sees.

After completion, the borrower has the option of finishing, or going into their application.  Regardless if the borrower chooses to go to the application or just to documents, they will see the status of any outstanding or completed e-signing documents.

Documents can be e-signed by your borrowers on their computer, or their mobile device.

The mobile view immediately opens the document package and borrowers are taken to the fields that required.  

Once this has been completed, the borrower is given the option to exit or to go into their application portal.

Should you have any questions or need help, please click the chat button in-app or email support@finmo.ca

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