Release - Feb 5th, 2020
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Finmo is adding some new features today!

Have a look at this video to see what's new:

New Finmo Features:

  • We’ve integrated e-signing! Mortgage professionals can now quickly and easily request signed documents from borrowers via an integration with OneSpan.

  • By popular request, we've added a print button at the top of all applications. Deals can now be printed for compliance, etc.

  • Subject property fields have been added. Adding subject property fields to Finmo provides a foundation for future features - for example, GDS/TDS calculation. These fields push directly to Expert.

  • Push to Expert optimizations. The average application push time to expert is now under one second.

  • Added a timestamp in the activity feed for when a deal has been pushed to Expert.

Additional videos on E-signing functionality:

Hopefully these new features help you save even more time, and close even more deals!

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