This is a feature for the mortgage professional only. Your borrower will not see it in their online application

Finmo allows you to add details on the subject property for deals which will be pushed through to Expert or send directly to a lender/credit union in Finmo.

If it's a purchase goal and the borrower has signed a purchase offer, the property's address and all details can be added into the "Subject property" section of the application. If it's a refinance or renewal, the property will be linked and selected from a property already owned by one of the borrowers. Then you can add more details about the property.

How to add a subject property

  1. Go to the Application tab

  2. Use the Quick Links and click Subject Property

  3.  Scroll down and click on 'Edit details'.

  4.  Scroll back up to the top of the 'Subject Property' and enter the information.

  5.  When completed scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Save changes'.

The subject property data will go to a Lender when you submit the deal or show in Expert when you push the deal.

Should you have any questions, click on the chat button in-app or send an email to

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