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Release - April 15th, 2020
Release - April 15th, 2020
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Finmo is adding some new features today!

Have a look at this video to see what's new:

New Finmo Features:

  • The borrower application is now in French. We detect the preferred browser language and show French, or they can change it in the borrower portal. You can see the preferred language of a borrower in the user details on an application "Borrower language preference".

  • We updated the questions on the mortgage professional's side to read better... instead of "Where are you in the process of purchasing?" It gives the question in the correct context (third person plural), "Where are they (the borrower) in the context of purchasing?".

  • Archived deals will stop automatic reminders so it doesn't keep emailing a borrower for documents on an archived deal.

  • Preview documents without opening them in a new tab, move left and right to see other docs faster.

  • Viewing documents got a mobile face lift so it's easier to manage and view documents on the fly. It also now has a preview.

Hopefully these new features help you save even more time, and close even more deals!

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