A borrower can add documents on behalf of another co-applicant. In order to do this, the co-applicant will need to be added to the application for the Document Portal to appear for that contact. Inviting the co-applicant is not required. However, keep in mind that if you plan on sending documents to that borrower to be e-signed, they will be required to have their own email address. All borrowers on the deal can upload docs for any other borrower listed.

Start by adding a co-borrower to the application in Finmo.

Or a borrower can add a co-borrower on their application themselves.

Once this has been completed, the borrower that has an account can go into the "Documents" section of the Application, select the co-borrower's name on the left and upload the documents outlined for that co-borrower.

Should you have any questions please click the chat bubble in app or email us at support@finmo.ca .

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