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How to hide or unhide a borrower from a deal
How to hide or unhide a borrower from a deal

hide borrower, unhide borrower

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Finmo allows you to hide a co-borrower(s) from a deal so that their information doesn't push to Expert or submit to a Lender should you need to. This means you don't need to start a whole new deal to calculate the GDS/TDS without that borrower. The borrower's information isn't deleted however if you hide them. A hidden borrower's data will be removed from the GDS/TDS calculation but will not be submitted to a lender. You can unhide them at a later time should you wish to re-add them to the deal.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot hide the primary borrower. If you need to hide that person, you will first need to make another borrower the primary.

  1. Go to the Application to the "Overview" section

  2. Click on the borrower's name in link at the top of the page

  3. Click "Hide borrower from the deal"

  4. Click "Hide the Borrower" when prompted in the pop up

To unhide a borrower, go back into the application, you will no longer see their name as a borrower in the "Overview" section however they will still be displayed on the left menu under "Application".

  1. Select "Application" on the left menu

  2. Click on the hidden borrower's name

  3. Scroll to find the "Unhide the borrower" link under the hidden borrower's name and click on it.

The borrower's information will re-appear in your deal.

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