Finmo allows you to obtain your borrower’s NOAs and other tax documents directly from CRA by creating a Tax Package request through snapNOA.

How it works

When a member of your team orders the CRA Tax Document Package on Finmo, the system will automatically send out a request to the borrower asking them to authorize snapNOA to access their tax documents from CRA.

Once the client signs back the authorization, snapNOA will retrieve the documents and email them to the broker or team member.

Please note: Only the team member who requested the Tax Document Package, will be able to receive the status of that package from snapNOA.

The documents will be delivered within 4-6 business hours after receiving the signed authorization from the borrower. Occasionally, borrowers will provide incorrect information and snapNOA may need to contact the broker to verify the spelling of their name or social insurance number. In those cases, snapNOA guaranteed turnaround time begins once they receive the accurate client details.

Occasionally, snapNOA will receive a delayed authorization error that will require the borrower to contact the CRA to inquire and resolve the delay. Sometimes borrowers will email snapNOA to confirm they have received their signed documents and snapNOA team will reply to acknowledge receipt. All other issues are handled by communicating with the mortgage broker directly.

What if my borrower(s) didn't receive the authorization request email? Can I request again?

Sometimes the request can end up in junk or spam in their inbox so ensure they have checked there for the email first. If the borrower still cannot locate the authorization request you can send them an email directly. Just copy and paste the following:

This is a request asking for snapNOA to retrieve a copy of your CRA Tax Documents.

All we need from you is a digital signature on an authorization form, which grants snapNOA temporary 'read only' access to your tax account so they can complete the request. The digital signature process takes less than a minute and is available at the link below:

The signing process can be completed on any device. If the link does not work, please copy and paste the link into your address bar.

Once the form is completed, it will be submitted directly to snapNOA. You do not need to do anything further - the requested documents will be sent to your mortgage advisor.

Completing the form will provide authorization to snapNOA to access the tax documents requested for your mortgage financing, and to send the documents directly to your mortgage broker. The list of requested documents is:

Notice of Assessments

Statement of Account

T Slips (all applicable T4As, T4s, T5s, etc. will be sent)

Please ensure that your name matches the name under which your most recent taxes were filed and that all highlighted sections are completed fully.

A few important things to note:

- As noted on the authorization form, you are authorizing 480381 BC LTD. read-only access to your CRA tax documents.

- Occasionally, the CRA will do random security follow-ups by phone to verify this authorization.

- If you are registered for CRA notifications, you may receive an email notifying you of a representative change. We do not replace any previously authorized representatives as this email implies; we are simply added as an additional representative.

- There is an automatic expiry date of 30 days from the date of signing applied to all authorizations.

If you have any questions about snapNOA, please visit or email

What documents are included in the request?]

You will receive the two most recent years of the following:


When a broker on your team orders the CRA Tax Document Package, the credit card on your Finmo account will be charged $20 per order.

In the "Billing" section of your account, you will be able to see a full report of the CRA Tax Document Package usage by your team.

Please note you must have a credit card entered in Finmo . If your team does not have a credit card entered you will see this message. Click on "Go to billing page" to enter a credit card.

Click below to learn how to set-up CRA Tax document package requests.


For questions about the CRA Tax Document Package feature or billing, please visit click on the chat button. If you have a question about the status of your CRA Tax Document Package order, please email

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