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Learn how to do pre-approvals in Finmo.

How do I do a pre-approval?

1. Click into the application you want to work on

2. On the left navigation menu, select the 'Goal" section

3. Click "edit" or begin to enter the "Goal" information into the deal

4. Click on "Pre-approval"

5. Select the province and fill in the information and save

6. Next go into the "Subject property" section of the application which you can select on the left navigation menu.

7. The subject property address won't be required because the deal is designated as a pre-approval. Enter the estimated taxes, fees and heating costs and save.

8. When you are ready click "Submit' on the left navigation menu

9. Click on "Find available products" if you would like to be taken to Lender Spotlight to view lenders and rates.

10. If you are ready to submit to a lender, select the lender and complete the submission

Please click the chat bubble on Finmo or send an email to should you have questions.

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