How to Complete a Commission Record Sheet

Follow these steps or watch this video.

To complete the commission record sheet in your approved deal in Finmo the following steps must happen.

  1. Accept the Lender's offer in the submit section.

  2. Adjust the mortgage details inside the compliance section if necessary to add fees or amend the approval for compliance documents.

Once you have completed the mortgage details and saved them the details will automatically populate the commission record sheet section.

  1. Mortgage Details Section

2. Commission & Fee Section

Add any Finders or Volume bonus Basis Points by clicking

  1. + Add Fee

  2. Choose 'Basis points' or 'Flat fee'

  3. Enter the proper amount for this lender (see for details on each lender)

  4. Save Changes.

3. Deductions

Include any deductions related to your commission.

  1. Click on "Add deduction" to add any costs associated with doing the mortgage with your brokerage

4. Commission Split

Choose how your deductions will be calculated. Determine your commission based on the agents and their split on the deal. Click on "Edit details" and add in your commission information.

5. Generate the Commission Record Sheet

Click on "Generate" to generate the document

Should you have any questions please click on the chat bubble in Finmo or email

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