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How to push a submitted application to Filogix for payroll and compliance
How to push a submitted application to Filogix for payroll and compliance

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If your brokerage handles payroll and compliance in Filogix, or if it pulls the data from Filogix to other payroll systems, we have you covered.

After submitting a deal from Finmo via Lender Connect, simply navigate to the 'Compliance' section where you can confirm the deal details:

You can review the information or you can edit in the "Mortgage details" section by clicking on 'Edit details'.

Looks correct? Great!

How to push the submitted deal to Filogix

1. Scroll down to "Does your payroll or compliance solution use Filogix data?"

2. Then click the Push details to Filogix for payroll button under the mortgage details:

Here are the steps in Filogix:

  1. Click into the deal in Filogix

  2. Open the "lender submit area

  3. Select "manual submission"

4. Clear any hard stop validation rules

5. Enter the name of your lender

5. Print Application

6. Change the manual response to "Approved" in the "Lender Response" section.

7. You can also update the status in the "Lender Status" section

That's it - your data is now in Expert for your Brokerage or Team to see and you are ready to get paid!

NOTE: If your brokerage pulls details from Expert to another system, there is nothing else you need to do. In other words, a deal is submitted on Finmo, sent to Expert, then pulled into the system of choice where the agent does compliance.

How to do payroll in Expert when pushed from Finmo

Watch a short video .

Q: I have pushed my deal to Expert for payroll and compliance but it's asking to create an MPP deal. I've already done that in Finmo, How do I override that?

A: After pushing a deal to Expert for payroll and compliance you can collapse the MPP deal in MPP HUB, once it is created. This will ensure that they don’t send out anything on that deal to the client.

Procedures how to collapse in MPP Hub can be found in the BSC Procedures - Refer to Page 18

Alternatively, MPP will automatically send you an email notification before they send the SafetyCatch and you can respond to collapse in that email. The risk here is you may mistake the Lendesk MPP Deal with the Expert MPP Deal. Please select option 2.

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