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How to change the status of a deal and definitions
How to change the status of a deal and definitions

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Keep track of your deal’s progress with "Status" column in Finmo. Status will be auto updated as your application progresses but you can manually change this status from the deals table or from the application page in a specific deal.

The status is displayed on the dashboard ..

and within the deal itself .

How to change the status of a deal from the deal dashboard

1. In the "Status" column on the deal dashboard click on the status of the deal you'd like to update.

2. Select the status you would like to change it to.

Note: If you select "Cancelled" as the status you will be shown a pop up where you can enter detailed information as to why it was cancelled.

How to change the status of a deal from within the application

1. Click the down arrow on the status listed on the far right of the screen to reveal a drop down menu and select the new status.

Definitions of Statuses

Borrower editing: The borrower has access to the application and is filling in their information.

In progress: Deal is being worked by an agent and getting ready for submission.

Submitted: Deal has been submitted to a Lender.

Funded: Deal has been successfully funded by Lender.Cancelled: Deal fell through and was not completed or rejected by Lender.

Cancelled: The deal is not progressing

Approved: The deal has been approved by the lender - either by the lender marking the submission approved and sending that status automatically or if you received notification of the approval another way such as in an email, you can change the status yourself.

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