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Team performance, reports and analytics (team admins only)
Team performance, reports and analytics (team admins only)

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Finmo uses the information from deals you and your team have submitted to create reports and analytics which helps you track how many deals were submitted, the volume submitted, funded volume and much more over time. Watch this space as we continue to add more functionality and great reporting features.

  • Understand where your team is growing vs. underperforming, comparing different time periods by analyzing deals submitted, submitted volume, and funded volume.

  • Is your funnel leaking? Optimize your teams key ratios (lead to completed application, completed application to funded deal, and much more).

  • Improve your efficiencies with lenders by understanding your submitted applications on Finmo and how they fund.

  • How profitable is your business? Review your average BPS in seconds.

  • Insights on where your business is being sent. Understand how your team allocates submissions and fundings with different lenders.

How to view your team's performance

Please be aware that you must be a team administrator on Finmo to be able to view analytics.

Click on the "Reporting" icon on the left menu

This will take you to the Reporting page. From here you can select from "Team Performance" or "Funded Deals".

Team Performance

To view your team performance select the time period you would like a report for from the drop down menu.

Then click on "Update report". The page will update and populate the various sections.

The report will populate with that data.

*Note: Funded data is obtained from periodical lender reports as well as deal statuses. Since data from reports can sometimes take months to be reflected here, make sure your team is marking deals as funded within Finmo for more accurate values and ratios.

To learn more about "Funded deals" and reports click the button below.

Should you have any questions, please click on the chat bubble or email

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