Finmo provides access to broker owners / brokerage managers or compliance managers to their brokers Finmo deals through the Brokerage Control Centre. If you have been designated as a brokerage manager, upon logging in you will see a globe icon on the bottom left of your screen.

Clicking on that globe icon will take you into the control centre where you will see all of your team(s) and deals.

From the control centre dashboard you can do things like add teams to your brokerage, create and assign permissions and roles to users such as compliance managers or managers, add in Equifax details for the entire brokerage and create submission agents, which will appear as options for all of the teams under your brokerage.

How to set up access and permissions and designate other brokerage managers

The control centre allows you to designate users who have visibility of all (or some) of the teams and deals under your organization. You have a choice of adding users with these privileges from the the list of team members in your organization or you can invite someone who does not belong to a team on Finmo.

The chart below shows the different permissions for each role. Make sure you select the correct permission for the user you are assigning.

How to invite a new Organization admin, Organization member or Limited organization member

Organization Admins can add new org members from the Organization Settings page. To access the "Brokerage settings" click on the gear icon on the left menu when in the control centre, then select "Organization Members".

  1. Click on "Invite new member" and begin typing the email of the person you wish to invite. A drop down of all users on existing teams will appear. Or you can add a new one, even if they are not part of a team on Finmo.

2. Check off "Yes" or '"No" to the "Are they a compliance manager " question".

3. Now select their role. You can see the different permissions for each role as you select an option which will help you determine the correct access.

4. In the "member can be selected as agent on the deal" section, if you choose "Deals from selected teams", a drop down menu of all the teams in your control centre will appear and you can select which teams you'd like that person to appear as an agent on the deal, even if that person is not a member of that team.

You can also select "Deals from all teams" or "No deals" if you don't want that person to be visible to be added to a deal as an "agent on the deal" by your teams.

How to promote team Members to Organizations

From the same page, existing Team Members can be “promoted” to an Organization so that they can reuse their current username/password to participate in the Organization. The email address field displays existing Team Members and their current Team; select from the drop-down to reuse the account

Follow the steps above in the "How to invite a new Organization admin, Organization member or Limited organization member" section.

How to add a new team from the Control Centre

From the control centre you are able to add new teams as well as delete teams or change teams. Click on the globe icon on the left menu and select "Teams" on the left menu and a list of the teams on your brokerage will appear on the right. To add a new team, just click on "New Team"

Enter the information as prompted. The new team will now appear on your dashboard.

Now that the team has been created, you can go in to that team by clicking that team under the "Team name" column and start inviting team members.

Read more about how to invite a team member.

How to delete a team

If someone has left your brokerage, please contact CS to help you remove their team.

How to add Equifax details at the brokerage control centre level

If one Equifax account is used for everyone at a brokerage level, the member code and security code can be entered at the control centre level to maintain limited access to that data. Anyone not designated an "organization admin" will not be able to see it but it will automatically be pulled in to all the accounts under the brokerage.

Once entered - accounts linked to the control centre will see a notification advising them that there is no need to update this field unless they do indeed use a different Equifax account .

How to add submission agents at the control centre level

The brokerage's list of submission agents can also be entered at the control centre level.

  1. Select "Submission Agents" on the left menu when in the control centre

  2. Click on "add submission agent"

  3. Fill in all the required information and save

Adding the list of submission agents at the control centre level is beneficial in a few ways,

  • it will enable to system to automatically show these names in all the team accounts linked to the brokerage.

  • the submission agents full details are not displayed in the team accounts - just their names show.

  • it saves brokers time trying to find out all the submission agents information to add this themselves to their own accounts.

How to access team's deals

If you have been designated as an "organization admin" or "organization member" and have permission to view deals on teams within your brokerage, you can access those deals.

If you wish to view a specific teams deals:

To access the Control Centre, click the "globe" icon on the bottom left of the screen then select "Teams" from the left menu and choose the team you want to view. Finally, select the "handshake" icon on the left menu to view their deals.

If you wish to view all deals assigned to all teams you have access to:

To access the control centre, click the globe icon on the bottom left of the screen select "Brokerages" from the left menu. Click on the Brokerage name, then choose the "handshake" icon on the left menu to view all of the deals for all teams you have visibility of.

Please reach out to or click on the chat bubble should you have any questions regarding the brokerage control centre.

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