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How to customize your application theme on Finmo
How to customize your application theme on Finmo

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Finmo gives you the ability to reflect your brand by customizing your borrower portal theme.

Note: you must be a team administrator in order to make these customizations as you require access to your "Team Settings"

Following these tips will help you create a branded and good experience for your clients.

How to access customization in your borrower portal

To access, click on the "gear icon" and on the left menu and select "Borrower portal".

Now you can start customizing your borrower portal by selecting your colour combinations.

How to pick the right colours - primary and secondary colours

For the primary and secondary colours we recommend you pick colours that most represent your brand. If you are unsure of the exact colour code for your colours you can find them by uploading your logo to
(this is a 3rd party website and not controlled by Finmo in any way)

*Remember the primary colour will be predominant on your borrower portal, so make sure to pick a colour that is not overwhelming and is easily distinguishable on a white background.

How to ensure your application page is readable

It’s very important that all elements have enough contrast between the text and background colours so it can be easily read by anyone. You can choose between black or white text on top of every colour, check the theme preview at the bottom to make sure text is visible in all your colours before saving your theme.

Using dark colours

Using light colours

How to follow conventions

  • We recommend you use tones of green/blue for your success colour and avoid reds as this can be confusing to users.

  • Equally when choosing your error colour try using tones that are associated with warnings such as red or orange.

How to test your theme

As you are building your theme, you can check your colour combinations by scrolling down to "Preview your theme colours" to make sure all your colours and text have good contrast and can be read.

After you have saved your new theme, open the borrower portal and navigate around to make sure you haven’t missed anything and it's all looking good.

All the colour choices you have made will appear now on your borrower portal. If you are happy with them, click on "Save changes" in Finmo and this theme will display to your borrowers.

Of course if you are unhappy with your colour choices, you can go back and edit those until you are satisfied. You also have the ability to reset the theme back to the standard default.

How to customize the footer

You can control which information will be shown to your clients at the bottom of the borrower portal. Your team's contact information, logo, name, brokerage name, and license (if available) will always be displayed in the footer.
However, you can choose if you also want to display the contact information of the agents working on the deal.

1. Click on the gear icon in the left menu and select "Borrower portal"

2. Then select "Footer"

Note: The main agent on the deal and other agents on the deal are turned on by default

3. Uncheck the options you don't want to show on your footer

4. Click on save changes

The footer will be displayed on your application page

Should you have any questions about this feature you can contact us by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner!

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