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Why doesn't Finmo have its' own CRM?

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Finmo is the perfect solution for mortgage brokers looking to streamline their business processes and increase efficiency. We surveyed brokers to determine if they would use a CRM within Finmo. Over 80% said no, they want to keep their system or find one to use. After much research and development, Finmo decided not to build an entire CRM system as part of our mortgage software.

So the team at Finmo created a solution to help you connect Finmo to your systems.

Finmo has the best support team to help you integrate your CRM

Our customer success team is happy to help provide more information through live chat. We also have a full-time dedicated integration specialist who can introduce you to everything you need to know to develop the integrations with your software.

We will walk you through your Customer Journey document or provide one so you can learn how to build your tech stack of software so your business is built with tools you know how to use and software you want to use.

With Finmo, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're using software tailored to your business needs. Our integrations with over 5,000 different software pieces mean you can easily connect your existing tools and systems to create a seamless workflow. Plus, with the help of our integration specialist, you can learn how to build your own custom integrations and tech stack.

Sign up for Finmo today and see how easy integrating with your existing tools and systems is. Streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and take your mortgage business to the next level with Finmo.

or click on the chat button for more information.

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