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[July 12, 2023] A more accessible platform for everyone
[July 12, 2023] A more accessible platform for everyone
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ℹ️ A more accessible platform

At Finmo we are committed to providing technology that includes and empowers everyone.

In 2022, our team released a series of updates that made Finmo’s borrower portal fully accessible for your clients, and ensured that anyone with disabilities – such as visual, auditory, cognitive, or motor impairments – had equal access to Finmo.

We’ve now taken this work one step further, and made the Finmo broker platform more accessible for you!

Enjoy an improved experience with high contrast colours, screenreader support, and keyboard navigation that allows you to "tab" through an entire application, and get things done faster.

👤 Agent on the deal

You no longer have to re-select the "Agent on the deal" every time you create a new submission. Now, the "Agent on the deal" is set by default on a submission ahead of time.

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