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[July 27, 2023] BluMortgage and Finmo integration 2.0 + more product releases
[July 27, 2023] BluMortgage and Finmo integration 2.0 + more product releases
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The BluMortgage & Finmo integration 2.0 is more powerful than ever!

BluMortgage and Finmo have come together once again to create the most robust CRM and mortgage platform integration available. Streamline your mortgage process and offer the best experience for your clients.

What to expect:

  • On-demand two-way integration: Save time, eliminate errors! Effortlessly pull deals from Finmo into BluMortgage and create deals in Finmo using borrowers from your CRM.

  • Intuitive user-friendly settings: Say goodbye to complexity! Manage your Finmo integration with ease, customize preferences, and simplify your workflow.

  • Advanced stage & field mappings: Greater control, seamless data flow! Fine-tune data synchronization between Finmo and BluMortgage. Align the integration with your unique processes.

⛴️ Product releases

Track your consent history: We just released the ability to save and download old consents. Each credit pull done from now on will show the date of consent and the consent document, or the alternative method used to obtain consent.

Compliance documents updates: The "ON Form 1.1 - Investor/Lender Disclosure Statement For Brokered Transactions – Addendum for Construction and Development Loans" has been added to our compliance list, plus the "Letter of Direction (LOD)" has been consolidated into one page.

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