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[Sept 14, 2023] Accessing Commission Records just got easier + more...
[Sept 14, 2023] Accessing Commission Records just got easier + more...
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Product releases

➡️ Commission Record access: When a Commission Record is generated in Finmo it will now automatically populate the Compliance section, allowing brokers to quickly find, preview, and download it, and ensure that compliance managers have access to it as part of the compliance documents package.

🎨 Compliance documents layout: Visual enhancements were done to our compliance documents to improve legibility and overall experience, making it not only easier to read, but also more pleasing to the eye.

💬 French translation: Our team continue to make strides in developing a complete French-supported system. This time around we’ve updated the French translation for QC compliance docs and the borrower portal page titles.

💌 Brand-consistent emails: A small yet important update was made to ensure brand consistency and recognition in borrower emails. All links within your client-facing emails are now styled according to the colour theme set by your team.

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