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[Nov 16, 2023] Finmo's lender network, user permissions, and more 💙
[Nov 16, 2023] Finmo's lender network, user permissions, and more 💙
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Finmo’s lender network is stronger than ever

Finmo users have access to a strong network of over 300 lenders… and this network just keeps on growing! This year we’ve partnered with 70+ lenders including Bridgewater Bank, Radius Financial, Fraction and more to establish direct connectivity to their systems.

These strategic collaborations not only build strong relationships with our lending partners but also foster trust and stability, allowing us to consistently deliver innovative solutions to you, much like when we introduced our direct document submission feature to Strive.

We are proud to have a complete network – one of the strongest in Canada. We share regular updates on our lenders, including highlighted rates and products in our Lendesk Mortgage Minute. Make sure you subscribe to receive these insights directly to your inbox.

Product releases

🔑 Manage who can pull credit and submit in Finmo

Team and org admins now have the ability to manage their team’s permission to pull credits and submit in Finmo. This new feature allows greater admin control and reduces the risk of human error when working a deal. Learn more →

⬇️ Download client consents from your recent activity board

Never lose consent documents again! A new “Download” link has been added to “Your recent activity” board. Now, every time a new client consent is generated, you can easily download it from your dashboard.

Don’t see these changes? Make sure to clear your cache.

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