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[Feb 07, 2024] Update "un-invited" borrower(s) and your Finmo/Zapier connection
[Feb 07, 2024] Update "un-invited" borrower(s) and your Finmo/Zapier connection
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💬 Update “non-invited” borrower(s)

A recent update to the “Update borrower(s)” functionality now allows you to send notifications to any borrowers in the application – regardless of whether or not they’ve been invited to the borrower portal. As long as you have their email and phone number in the system, you can update them through Finmo via emails and SMS. Learn more →

Did you know that by submitting your deals on Finmo you get SMS for free?

Finmo's SMS feature can streamline your process and elevate your client experience. Take full advantage of this feature and send SMS notifications anytime you invite a borrower into an application, request a new document, or have an update on a deal.

🔗 Update your Finmo and Zapier connection

Zapier and Resthook triggers were updated to include Finmo deal ID (Application ID). If you use Zapier integrations in Finmo, please update your connection by going to Finmo > Team Settings > Integrations > Zapier, click "Generate new token", then copy and paste the new token into your Zapier account. Learn more →

⚙️ More product enhancements

  • Compliance document generation is now faster than ever: work has been done to Finmo’s document generation service to improve performance and speed.

  • Preview large files with no hassle: a small (but mighty) update was done to Finmo’s file preview so it can now handle larger PDF files.

  • Disclosure to borrower (Ontario): the maturity date in the Ontario disclosure document can now be edited.

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