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[Feb 29, 2024] “Approved” status is now available in Finmo! ✅
[Feb 29, 2024] “Approved” status is now available in Finmo! ✅
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“Approved” status is now available in Finmo! ✅

Stay on top of your deal's progress in Finmo with the new "Approved" status.

Just like any other status in Finmo, you can manually set the Approved status from either the Deals page or from the Application page within a deal. Additionally, this status can be updated automatically if the lender marks the submission as approved and sends that status through. Learn more about deal status in Finmo →

Pro tip: Use the "Filter" button to sort deals based on their status and easily view all your deals that have been approved.

⚙️ Enhancements and bug fixes

  • Condo fee: Condo-related options are now always available so brokers can decide when condo fees are pertinent.

  • e-Signing templates: A bug preventing organization members with team admin access to upload PDFs to create e-signing templates has been fixed.

  • Property form: A minor visual update was made to the Subject property form to ensure that unit details for living spaces are always visible.

  • File preview: Work has been done to our file preview functionality to ensure efficiency and a better user experience.

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