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[Mar 21, 2024] Additional filters for reporting, failing resthooks... and more πŸ‘€
[Mar 21, 2024] Additional filters for reporting, failing resthooks... and more πŸ‘€
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πŸ“Š Additional filters for reporting on deals

We are constantly improving our Funded deals report functionality to provide greater clarity and efficiency. Reporting on your HELOC type deals is now easier than ever with the "Mortgage type" filter. Additionally, we've added two brand-new filters to help you easily identify deals with borrowers that are self-employed or earn variable income. Learn more on what you can report on β†’

Ontario brokers! These updates will further support you in completing your Annual Information Return (AIR) report.

🚒 Other product releases

Failing resthooks will now be automatically disabled

Our team recently implemented a new monitoring tool to identify resthooks that have been failing behind the scenes. If resthooks fail more than 300 times, they will be automatically disabled. Go to Team settings > Integrations > Resthooks to delete or reactivate them.

BC Disclosure Statement – Fixed/Open

Improvements were made to the BC Disclosure Statement – Fixed/Open, such as displaying the Payment term and Lender commitment disclaimer, and adding a field to disclose Additional services and payments.

πŸ› οΈ Bug fixes

  • Filters applied when seeing deals associated with a referral in the Lead generation page will no longer persist when moving to the Deals page.

  • A small fix has been done to the "ON Form 1 – Investor/Lender Disclosure" to ensure option selectors are working properly.

  • The mortgage purchase price limit has been increased to avoid validation errors in the calculator.

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