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[Apr 04, 2024] Improvements to BC Form 10 and language preferences settings
[Apr 04, 2024] Improvements to BC Form 10 and language preferences settings
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Product releases

💰 BC Form 10 improvements to the commissions section
Improvements were made to the BC Form 10 to correctly display all agents on the deal with a commission split greater than 0%. Now, on deals with multiple agents splitting the commission, or deals where the agent receives a different split for different portions of the lender commission, the Form 10 will display each agent’s commission, including the dollar amounts and the percentage breakdowns as entered on the deal's commission page. Learn how to complete the Commission record →

💬 Language preference when in a French-speaking location
Finmo now detects when a borrower is in a French-speaking location and, besides displaying their borrower portal in French, it also sets their “Borrower language preference” to French – so all communications from Finmo will happen in French.

👤 Update to the Centum Payroll integration
If your team has the Centum Payroll integration enabled, Finmo will now send the “Agent on the deal” details to Centum for payroll and compliance. This was done to ensure more accurate information is being sent. As a reminder, this information is shared with Centum for all deals submitted by your team.

💡 Pro tip! Maximize your Finmo experience using Chrome as your browser.

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